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Welcome to JACbooks!

I am a mother, wife, sister, teacher, artist, officer, reader, and writer. 

My stories are filled with mystery, romance, and humor. I love a good thriller and prefer tales that fit the contemporary/real world and are filled with flawed amusing characters. At the moment, I am working on a collection of cozy-type murder mystery collection, SACTown Mysteries, each set in Sacramento, California. If you prefer a little sci-fi, ghostly fun, and witchy mysticism, check out my recently released Trilogy. The Spectral books can be read as standalone tales, but they interweave to form a larger story arc.

I reside in Northern California with my very handsome and sweet husband of 20+years, my beautiful brainy daughters, a goofy Labrador,  an angry bearded dragon, three frightened chickens, and a school of clueless fish.

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