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Embedded in the Wheel of Fortune card is the Comba Coven philosophy regarding the Trio of Wells. Each person consists of a core, a base, and a head well/cauldron that correspond to the alchemy tria prima. Further, each well leans between male/female or light/dark. It's the wheel that has become unbalanced in the Spectral Analysis Trilogy.

I spent some time envisioning the Kiki Mellow Tarot Card this summer and made a few prototype cards to share. Each character on the cards will be drawn as a reflection of a character from the trilogy, based on where they are in their character arc in each book. For instance, the FMC, Janine, starts as The Hermit because she enters the story as this card; a reflective, loner, seeking an understanding of her inner issues. Then in book two, she becomes Strength because she enters into a new phase of overcoming what life dealt her and embraces her past, her paranormal abilities, and some unique ideas (pagan philosophy). Finally, in book three, she becomes Justice. She determined to help reset the balance and met the consequences for the trilogy arc. Look out for the prototype cards soon to be shared.

New covers for the Spectral Analysis trilogy! Now, the books match. After spending a couple of years tied to a vanity publisher, I have the first book back under my care. A bit of editing, a new cover, and I'm now ready to fully promote this epic story of life energy, spiritual ideas, a bit of romance, darkness, pagan lore, and suspense mystery.

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