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Request a Signed Copy!

If you'd like to receive a signed copy of a book, fill out the form to send a request. You should receive an email response with instructions on how to make a payment if the book is in stock.

(note; at this time, I only accept Venmo payments)

Colorful Books

Published Books

Doctor Bones (8 x 10 HC) $20

Doctor Bones (8 x 10 PB) $15

Oh, Henry (5.25 x 8 PB) $20

Oh, Henry (5x8 HC) $ 25

Little Devil (5x8 HC) $25

Spectral Analysis SLS (5.25 x 8 PB) $25

Spectral Voices (5.25 x 8 PB) $20

Spectral Redemption (5.25 x 8 PB) $20

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