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SACtown Mysteries is my new collection of cozy-type suspense/thrillers set in Sacramento, California. My plan is to write five suspense dramas, each with a fun animal in the mix. If you  enjoy a bit of romance (minimal spice), a murder, some humor, a scare or two (off-screen gore only), then you might enjoy the SACTown Mystery series! Each book will be a stand alone tale with new main characters...of course, you might see some of the bit-characters from book to book as they wander around SAC Town.

BOOK 1 - Oh, Henry
setting - Natomas (N.Sacramento)

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It’s all fun and games in the dog park until someone gets killed, then it’s murder and mayhem

After moving across the country, Sarah finds herself lonely and babysitting a shy bloodhound. Luckily the dog park across from her front door offers not just help, but new friends and a possible romance. As Sarah is lured in by the dogs and people, she inadvertently becomes the center of a suspicious death investigation and wonders which of her new acquaintances could be the killer... It's a murder mystery full of dogs and booklovers. It's funny and scary, and full of mirth...and for the love of dogs, you must read it! 

BOOK 2 - Little Devil
setting- Garden Highway, Old Town

Little Devil

At any online bookseller!(digital book only on KDP) The concept cover created during the writing phase is shown below

"Science is nothing but perception."


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BOOK 3 -Prima Donna
setting- Sacramento State University

Prima Donna

Details coming soon!

"Science is nothing but perception."


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