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Welcome to JACbooks!

I am a mother, wife, sister, teacher, artist, officer, reader, and transitioning to writer. Most of my life leisure life has been spent reading books and dreaming up tales for myself or my kids, starting with drawing and writing comic books as a teen, short stories as a NA, children's books as a mom, and then novels! My biggest dream is to storyboard, write, and draw an original graphic novel...but that will need to wait for retirement.

At the moment, I am working on a cozy-type murder mystery collection called the SACTown Mysteries. Each tale is set in Sacramento, California.

For readers who prefer a bit of sci-fi, ghostly fun, and witchy mysticism, check out my recently released Trilogy. The Spectral books can be read as standalone tales, but they interweave to form a larger story arc

I reside in Northern California with my sweet husband of 20+years, my beautiful brainy daughters, a goofy Labrador, an angry bearded dragon, three frightened chickens, and a school of clueless fish.

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