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With perfect basal cleavage, this mica breaks into thin sheets, transparent and elastic. properties that hint at mystic abilities If reflection, refraction, and an ability to see through to the truth and deeper meanings in life. Muscovite allows a better view into your intuition.

As a self-published book, this was no easy feat. the title needs to be printed from a wholesale distributor. It needs to be returnable. It needs to be updated in the B&N data base. It needs to be ”pitched” to the guy making it “OK” for store managers to order. Then….someone needs to beg the manager to order a book by an unknown author with a nonexistent publisher. So much work for 3-4 sales. But seeing it on the shelf! priceless!

The first item needed in any story is the flushed out characters. If I don’t know a character, how in the world can I know how they will act, feel, behave in any given situation. Even a side character needs a history-even if they just pop in to say one word to the MC.

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