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Salt. Cubic, clear, soft, it’s an evaporate. Historically, salt was used to preserve food. It’s used to purify and protect against dark energy. Ever wonder what a grain of salt looks like up close? A clear cube. Made up of ions that are polar opposites and stick together with the strongest forces of electrostatic attraction and yet the ions fall apart easily with a little water to muddy the bonds. Kind of like when the rational mind melts away in the middle of a dark night and the paranormal become plausible.

Hallucination? Sleep paralysis? Overactive imagination? Can a ghost be detected with scientific gear, quantified and confirmed? It’s so easy to poo-poo the notion of ghosts because they have no place in our modern, tech savvy world. But once upon a time, neither did germs, or atoms, or invisible waves carrying our conversations through air miles and miles to ears we may never see. What if there is energy we haven’t yet detected with our standard senses? Energy that latches onto organic matter and pulses out causing life. This is one topic the ghost hunters of Spectral Analysis explore.

Read it and weep. SJ takes us into the mind of a confused young woman. Was she assaulted? Is Tony real? Did she steal from her dormmates? SJ has captured the terrifying transition from childhood home to adulthood like no other, and it is timeless. I do enjoy a nice mystery.

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