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FMC1 - Janine Stinger

The narrative alters between Janine's POV and Kiki (FMC2) for book 3. In book three, Janine embraces her mystic abilities and is one who can speak to spirits.

Tarot - Justice

Janine is looking for Justice in book three, and so she is Justice. She wants to reset the balance in her own life by standing firm against her attacker and end any curse that's laid claim to her.


FMC2 - Kiki Mellow

The POV perpective alternates between Kiki and Janine (FMC1) in book 3. Kiki is both the star of the Spectral Analysis TV show and the Core Master in her pagan coven. In book 3, Kiki goes on a man hunt to find a the father of her future child.

Tarot - The Emperess

In every book Kiki is the embodiment of the feminine side of the cosmic well, but in book three she truely takes on the title of Empress. Part of her character arc is a transition from maiden to mother, and her goals in this direction make this card fitting. Her actions also put her in the middle of the coven curse.

MMC2 - Max Colliers

Max is the executive producer of the TV show Spectral Analysis. He also becomes a love interest of FMC2.

Tarot - The Emperor

Max represents the establishment and money. In book three, he takes on a more protective role as he transitions from devil to Emperor. No longer the puppet master, he instead tries to right his wrongs by being supportive with his authority, utilzing his lawyers, and lending his resources...


MMC1 - Ian McNally

Ian is the leader of the Spectral Analysis team. He is the love interest of FMC1.

Tarot - The Chariot

Ian is the Chariot in book three. His will has led him to success in mind, body, and spirit (the trio of wells!) as he gets the girl, works on new spectral gadgets, and reconnects with his father.

Gwen Murphy

Gwen is the best friend of FMC2 and good friend to FMC1. She is one of the main pagan memebrs of the coven on Skye.

Tarot - Judgement

The past and future merge in book three and Gwen is front and center to help steer Janine (justice) to success. She will help transition Janine into the coven through the rituals in the Faery Glen. She will also help Kiki transition from maiden to mother with the awakening ritual. She is Judgement, as she helps all the characters find their inner calling to rebirth into their new selves.


Kiki Mellow

It's only fitting that Annalise Batten would give Kiki a second card for the final book.

Tarot - The World

The world card means completion and fulfillment. It is a card that signifies the end of a cycle and so the tarot can begin again. For this story it is the end of the trilogy. If there ever is another story, it will begin a new a trilogy.

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