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FMC1 - Janine Stinger

Janine Stinger is one of the tech specialist for the show Spectral Analysis and manages many of the scientific gadgets. In book two, the narration is divided between her POV and that of FMC2.

Tarot - Strength

Janine becomes Strength in book two of the trilogy. She has finally begun to move past the darkness life dealt her and has gained strength and patience, making her more powerful than ever. She works on embracing her past, the paranormal, the coven, and taming the scary forces within...but will she gain enough strength ot accept love again?

FMC2 - Kiki Mellow

Kiki is the star of the Spectral Analysis TV show and a mystic medium. In book two, the narration is divided betwen her POV and the first FMC.

Tarot - The High Priestess

By Book two, we learn enough about Kiki to identify her as the High Priestess. She is definitely in touch with her inner voice and power of intuition. She can see aura's, and that may help her recognize the powers in others as well. She definitely recognizes Janine's power and encourages her to develope them.


MMC1 - Ian McNally

Ian is the leader of the Spectral Analysis investigative team. He is also the love interest of FMC1.

Tarot - The Hanged Man

Ian transitions to the Hanged Man in book two. His feelings and ideas are clear in the book, but he takes a step back from his desire for the FMC to give her space to work through her issues in peace. His ability to pause and let go may work in his favor.

MMC2 - Max Colliers

Max is the nw executive producer/director of the hit TV servies Spectral Analysis. He is the main antagonist in book 2.

Tarot - The Devil

The devil card is all about addictions, sexuality, and the pleasures. This is exactly what Max is all about in book two. He enters the Spectral Analysis world as the new producer and immediately begins to interfer in every aspect of the story. He attempts to manage the ghostly encounters, dictate personal images, and even shimmies into romantic relationships. He attempts to be a puppet master for his own amusement.


Carlos Fuente

Carlos is a tech specialist for Spectral Analysis. He is an important friend to FMC1.

Tarot - The Sun

Fun, warm, positive and full of vitality would describe Carlos. In book two, he's more than just wisecracks, we see his cosmic male-friend connection to the feminine in book two, the perfect Sun to shine light on the moon.

Gwen Murphy

Gwen's character is introduced in book 2 when she visit her old friends Kiki and Ian. She soon befirends the FMC, Janine Stinger, as well. This sets up an important trio of women.

Tarot - The Hierophant

Gwen enters the trilogy and brings straight forward pagan philosophy to share. She reams Kiki for giving faulty advice and then instructs Janine in the ways of the coven. This makes her the perfect spiritual teacher; The Hierophant.

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