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FMC - Janine Stinger

Janine Stinger a tech specialist for the show Spectral Analysis and manages scientific gadgets meant to record electromagnetic energy. She is the skeptic in the team and does not believe in ghosts or love...or does she?

Tarot - The Hermit

It makes sense that Janine is The Hermit. She's introspective and working through issues spurred by a dark past, trying to make sense of it so she can move forward

MMC - Ian McNally

Ian McNally is a doctor of paranormal physics and is the leader of the Spectral Analysis team. He is the main love interest of the FMC.

Tarot - The Magician

Resourceful, powerful, utilizing everything in his rhelm, science, mysticism, reasoning in his investigations. He is determined to figure out and document spectral energy in a way that makes it undeniable, which definitely makes him the magician.


FMC2 - Kiki Mellow

Kiki Mellow is a spiritual medium and self proclaimed witch. She is the STAR of the Spectral Analysis TV show.

Tarot - The Star

Kiki is all about hope and getting in line with the universe. As the spiritual medium of the show, she is in touch with her spirituality and acts as the main vessel in which they detect abient life energy. She works with tea, tarot, verbal charms, and stands out from the other (rational) members of the team. She is the definite Star in book one.

Carlos Fuente

Carlos is a tech specialist for the show Spectral Analysis and operates many of the scientific gadgets for measuring paranormal, and electromagnetic, energy. Although, he doesn't quite believe in ghosts, he's open minded and willing to consider anything.

Tarot - The Fool

Fun loving, open minded, a free spirit, Carlos is the jokster in the team. He is a friend to all and has no problem hitting them with humor or wise remarks whenever it suits his fancy, definitely the fool.



AKA-Martha Williams Stinger is the great grandmother of the FMC. She graciously opens her home and heart to the Spectral Analysis team when they bring the investigation to her home town.

Tarot - Temperance

Gram is Temperance as she is crucial for helping the FMC who's working through her dark issues. Gram helps her reconnect with life, love, and other people. She offers a safe place with patience and works with purpose to help Janine and the Spectral Analysis team.


Tarot - The Tower

The Tower tarot belongs to part one of the Trilogy because this is where it all begins as the story leaves reality to crumble into the paranormal. By the end, the questions still remain; Do ghosts exists? Is there a curse? Who is tangled in darkness, just the FMC? The Tower card isn't only a conclusion of book one, but one that forshadows of the entire trilogy, as, the image resembles the rock formation found in the fabled glen where the trilogy conclusion ends.

Castle Ewen is a natural rock formation on the Isle of Skye. It can be found in the Faery Glen.

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