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December marks the 1 year anniversary of when I bit the bullet... sharing a story I wrote with more than just my daughters and husband. Oh, Henry, my first self-published novel launched in 12/2021 and has sold over 100 copies (my goal)! The story started out as an experiment in self-publishing. Could I design and draw a cover, format the interior, and publish with only the help of a freelance editor? It was only after the launch that I learned that it takes more than one novel for a successful following and the book needed to be part of a series...enter the idea of the SACTown Mystery collection, a second part of the experiment. My debut novel will now be part of a cozy collection of mysteries set in Sacramento. One planned publication each year for at least five books. This December (2022), Little Devil has launched and the working title for 2023 is Prima Donna. So far, the experience of INDIE publishing has been fantastic! Thank you to all the readers and reviewers. My next goal...break even on self-publishing before I retire, so I can keep writing and sharing til the end.

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