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Trilogy Launched!

Spectral Analysis was only meant to be a short (NANO) book filled with scenes set in the local area. Written for my homesick, college student, it needed to be a ghost story, because we often joked that the area near our home was haunted by child ghosts (because the streets had "children's names"). I hoped adding familiar landmarks, with our haunted jokes, would ease her homesickness. But then COVID hit, and she was sent home early, and she said, "mom, let's write novels together for NANO since we're both together!" Being busy converting a science class from "in-person" to "zoom-virtual" gave me no time to develope another new story or new characters...but she, I decided to use the same characters and premise from that ghost story and expand it. A few months later, the storyline had morphed into a trilogy. The second book includes more sci-fi (sorry, I was reviewing for the CSET physics test), and pagan philosophy (I was having fun), and social issues (we were watching trash TV) and served to connect the larger story arc from book 1 to book 3 without giving too much away. Book 3 concludes the conclusion of the main arc, while also directly addressing those social themes (sexism and the patriarchy). I had so much fun writing this story, I thought, why not share it. I've always wanted to write books, I've written a ton of stories, COVID still had us hiding in our homes with little to do, so I started looking into publishing...long story short, they're edited, formatted, covered, and ready for YOU!

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