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Okay I’m not going to lie. My stomach was not cut out for the F-15...but I was not opposed to hanging out with F-15 pilots during my stay in the luxurious tent city outside Al’s Garage. The load master on my C130 crew begged me to get him on the F-15 flight schedule, and I did, but with a small catch. Those fast flying guys said I had to go first. I was subjected to negative Gs, positive Gs, the boa constricting of the G suit, blood rush up, blood rush down, grunting to breath, passing out and of course, losing my lunch.

With Spectral Analysis close to being published, I thought I’d speak about ghosts…some people believe, some don’t, and many just don’t know. In the story, there’s a character of each in the cast of the TV show. I‘m going to start with Carlos because he is likely like most folks. He doesn’t really think about ghosts. Even though he’s helping the crew look for ghosts, he doesn’t really think they’ll find anything. Carlos is just doing his job. But that doesn’t mean that he is a non believer. Carlos is open to being enlightened…he just isn’t expecting it to happen. What do you believe?

Doctor Bones has hit the shelves. It comes right out of the hand-drawn book of Jonna's Bedtime Stories, written twelve years ago and frantically illustrated before my maternity leave expired and I was sent back to work. That was a splendid year for writing and drawing children's stories because what else would I do with a six-year-old and a new baby for company all day? Jonna insisted on new characters in every new tale and this skeleton protagonist happened along near the end of the sketchbook. I remember that summer and fall well. Halloween was a highly anticipated event and Jonna desparately wished to be a ghost that year. It isn't our only story with rhyme and rhythm, but it does follow a nice pattern that has stood the test of time.

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